CC Girls United Series: Meet the Amazing Christina Marie Kargbo

I'm excited to feature and welcome Christina Marie Kargbo to our CC Girls United Series. The St. Paul native is quick to disarm with her charm, but her secret weapon is her business acumen. She has been an inspiration to women and young girls throughout the community. The first day I met her, she was nothing but sweet! You can't sway away from her positive energy and confidence. I can tell she had passion in what she does. That's what I love about her! I knew she would be the first person I'd want to be in my CC Girls United. Meet Christina...

All Rights Reserved. Smart Girl, LLC.

All Rights Reserved. Smart Girl, LLC.

A 2006 graduate of Brooks College (Long Beach, Calif.) with a degree in fashion merchandising and marketing, and former intern with Baby Phat/Phat Farm Showroom, Christina has plied her education by coordinating and working fashion events across the nation, including Dolce Bella (Long Beach), Troy Anthony Fashions (Miami), Cars & Couture (Tampa), White House/Black Market (Minneapolis), Soma Intimates (St. Paul) and others.  

Christina Marie mentoring young women.

Christina Marie mentoring young women.

Welcome to CC Girls United! Tell us a bit about yourself and what your organization represents.

I started Smart Girl, LLC not only as a for profit business, but as a philanthropic endeavor to empower young girls to achieve success is education, athletics and the arts. I want to prepare these dynamic young women to be financially, physically, mentally and spiritually fit. I have a genuine passion for coordinating events and helping other to grow their businesses.

What is your future goals for Smart Girls, LLC.?

As the Founder and CEO of Smart Girl, LLC.,  I have a HUGE vision for Smart Girl's future. First let start out why I'm doing this. When I started Smart Girl I literally started in my friend's basement in 2011. Going from graduating high school to graduating college to being married, moving to another state to coming back to Minnesota and being heartbroken, homeless, jobless with low self- esteem. I was that girl that had been through everything you can think of by the time she was 25 years of age. Graduated from high school, graduated from college, and been married and divorce. I tried to do everything right to impress my mom, and do the most I could so I could support my family. Ever since I was a little girl I worked hard and all I wanted was to be successful, but growing up poor and seeing my mom struggle pushed me. I struggled with my own financial problems, relationships, hopping from job to job. Trying to find myself in the mix. This took time and a toll on me. As for my parents, my mom came from a foster home background. She was given away from her parents. So guidance was never given from the root. My dad was just a father that paid child support but never there to spend quality time or help out with loose ends. So that being said, with creating Smart Girl I want to help women and girls with guidance for their future. Give them a since of hope. Ignite their spirits. I want them to know whatever they want to accomplish in life, they can do it. By doing that I have planned out goals to make that happen.

Goals for Smart Girl:

  • Creating a 5013c
  • Doing more motivational speaking engagements
  • Creating a dvd/ videos to inspire women and girls
  • Owning a Smart Girl Resource center/ Gym.
  • Expanding into a Smart Kids/ Smart Guy Program
  • Creating Jobs for Women through Smart Girl
  • Creating a store slash Smart Girl Line of clothing

Where do you find your inspiration?

Much of my passion and drive comes from a mentoring godmother, who also fueled my desire to assist others. She was there for me as a young girl and helped me with my reading, provided me with clothing and offered a positive outlook for me. I want to be able to inspire young women the way she inspired me.

All rights reserved by Smart Girl, LLC.

All rights reserved by Smart Girl, LLC.

I love how passionate you are! How do you help young women succeed? 

Having one-on-one with women that need advice and guidance in relationships, career, and resources. (Providing Tips) (By Requesting time with me.) Have a few ladies that I have inspired that are willing to tell how they are doing better because of the empowerment part of what we do.

  • Created an Annual Summer Program called the Smart Girl Empowerment Program (we are on our 2nd Annual Program) Help them create Vision Boards/ Entrepreneurs.
  • Hosted events that help women with overall health and wealth with (Isagenix as a tool for coaching)
  • Motivational Speaking engagements for Club mom and Barazza/Special events to empower women
  • Spread the word by media resources such as Fox 9 news, KMOJ radio, KFAI and Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What's your favorite quote that defines you?

 Well, I have a few favorites!

  • "Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring."
  • "The more positive energy you put out, the more positive energy you'll get back."
  • "Girls with DREAMS become WOMEN with VISION."

Define success in three words.

 (Be)lieve in (You)rself.

If you have more questions about Christina Marie and Smart Girl, LLC., follow and message her on FaceBook or Instagram.

To help support Smart Girl, LLC. you can help donate here.

You should check her out! Thanks Christina for being such an inspiration to all the women in the community!