Adios, Hola from Puerto Rico - Part III Series: Coming Home

Thank you all for being so patient with my latest post from my trip to Puerto Rico. I have concluded the remaining last two nights in this last series summarizing my trip. I have never felt so sad leaving a place of peace and relaxation. I'm finally settled down and ready to take on more adventures!

I have to thank Gran Melia Golf Resort for their hospitality. The employees there were nothing but helpful. I may have had high expectations, an even though I'm not into golf, I'm glad this was a place I enjoyed my days and nights. The people really made a difference with service.

Coming on this trip, I knew a little Spanish to survive. It would be beneficial for me to learn more about their culture and learn Spanish. Than maybe one day, I'll go back and can actually understand. Learning about new culture and languages always intrigues me. Their love and pride of their background, history, language, and food stands out. It's definitely a whole other world here compare to Minnesota. And I love it! The rustic buildings show the history of the country and the bright colorful cemented homes gives each home a personality. Driving was a whole other story - scary to say the least, because I'm not use to not signaling when turning, driving on narrow streets/roads, and yielding through one way roads. I've had a few scares and the drivers probably thought I was an idiot but I was not risking to ruin my rental car! They will just have to go around me.

As I bummed on the hammocks off the palm trees on my last day, I have a realization onto how far I've come in life. Whether the struggles that I face - temptations and personal growth, I strive to live to my fullest extent, because that's how life if suppose to be. The beauty of the island distracted my concentration to focus on any flaws, but I felt grateful. (I had fresh coconut water, I'm not going to complain!)

I present to you the end of my trip here in Puerto Rico. It's never a good-bye, til next time!