Adios, Hola from Puerto Rico - Part II Series

Thanks again for joining me on my continued series! With more then eight hours of sleep, we both are refreshed and rejuvenated to start our day! The weather today was perfect. Clear skies and approximately 85 degrees. I can picture myself living here. We took advantage of the fabulous free breakfast on the resort. While walking to the cafe, we noticed a dozen of iguanas everywhere on the resort. My husband calls them, the squirrels of Puerto Rico. They are more scared than anything. At Cafe Soleil, we enjoyed a complimentary buffet breakfast serving American fashion dishes such as omelettes, bagels, donuts, cereal, bacon, sausage links - to name a few. Boy, was I stuffed! 

Seeing all the little ones there with their families, made me miss my little girl. We met a few people from Michigan, Atlanta and Chicago! I wasn't aware that the resort was family friendly. The little things we learn through our own journey. I'm not quite ready to go home yet but only to see my little girl.

Blogging in Puerto Rico

Blogging in Puerto Rico

Anyway, afterwards, the concierge told us that the city after Rio Grande (Luquillo) has a great strip of food kiosks along with a beautiful white sand beach - Luquillo Beach. We both decided to squeeze in an hour of workout time before leaving for more food as well as relaxing at Coco Beach on the resort. I thought that was a very good decision. 

Finally, when we decided to leave the resort, about 15 minutes within the drive, we reached several destination spots before reaching the kiosks. We went to Walgreens for personal necessities, than found a bakery, La Familia Bakery 2. Oooh! So delicious! 

The drive into the kiosk was confusing but how amazing is it that they have a private rode just to reach the kiosk and beach? Most of the traffic signs are in Spanish so be sure to learn on Spanish before traveling. On a city cemented road leading into a yielded section of a dirt road, we entered the beach and an open area to self park. The long strip building with the food kiosks and souviner shops faces the main highway. I'll just have to say that the area is not well kept - meaning you will see a lot of garbage everywhere in the parking lot. 

The beach, however, was clean. It has white soft sand with clear crystal blue water. There were water hoover boards available for rent, which I thought was so awesome! I've never seen this in action and it definitely didn't look easy to do. After checking out the beach, we were starving. There were over 60 kiosks to choose from, excluding the closed ones. Finally, when we got to Kiosk #20, Terruño, it was time to eat! Asombroso! Who knew finding food would be this hard?  We defintely plan to go back before we leave. We bought souvenirs at a couple kiosks as well. We met a Chicago native that owns a shop there. She told us why her and her boyfriend's decided to leave the states and move permanently in Puerto Rico was to own this shop. Amazing how small ideas can turn into someone's dream. 

The day flew by so quick, I had no idea what I did today but after blogging, I realized that I spent my time relaxing at the beach for hours, and that's basically all what I needed. (And a bottle of wine!)

Join me again on my next blog, Part III Series. We are planning on our ATV tour ride in the rain forest!

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