Exploring your Happiness is a Start to a New Beginning

This is an aerial view of the Rocky Mountains while I was flying out to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'm planning out my next trip to somewhere far and distant. I'm at place in my life where I need to isolate myself from negativity. There has been too many "advice and suggestions" that were given that confused my judgment, thoughts and decisions, so it's best if I meditate in a place of peace, continue to find myself and my happiness.

People are too quick to judge. Until you walk in my shoes you'd understand my decisions and who I am as a person. I will not stand to explain myself because I am responsible for my own happiness. Create your own happiness and stop letting other create it for you.

Running away from your problems? That might be someone's assumption as to why I 'getaway'.

Not the case. Life has many challenges and tribulations that we all endure and overcome. I have to be honest,  my life is not a fairy tale and I've accepted that. I've had many challenges in my young life that I had to face alone. Whether it's my career, peer pressure, friends, family or even my marriage. When I distance myself, I remind myself of who I am, find my inner peace and comfort to collect myself of my emotional belonging, love and spirituality. A new scenery usually helps me not forget about my life but also, reminds me of what life is all about - exploring all possibilities.

Selfishness? That might be another person's assumption of thought as well. Yes, we are all selfish but I have a lot of love and support from my family to stabilize my emotional and physical well being. I like to set a good example for my daughter who impacted my life tremendously from the beginning and who has shown me that I am able to love unconditionally. Those who seek solace and peace to find happiness within themselves are thinkers and doers. It's a place and moment of mediating on what you're looking for in life. It's a rejuvenating feeling of self-relief when you realize how blinded you were when your thoughts were clouded by a decision you couldn't foresee.

I've been surrounded my negativity the past decade that I have lost myself in that negativity pool. It's been the norm for me and I am here to no longer play pretend because sometimes the truth hurts.

I had many friends and family giving me suggestions and ideas of how I should handle my life and with all due respect to them and I know they mean well, the decisions will never effect them as it will me. I had found my passion and when someone you love pulls you down to tell you you're not good enough, how does that make you feel? Or when a 'Christian' brother or sister tell you that you're going to HELL because of your actions, how does that make you feel? Infuriating is an understatement. When you are surrounded my negativity, that is all you think about in life.

The reason I wrote this blog is because I know I'm not alone. There are many others who doesn't have the courage to speak up for themselves or handle issues where they can find their own happiness. They envy others who actually has the courage to and then judges them. I just want to say that you're not alone in life because we all go through challenges in life whether it's worth fighting for or not worth crying for. There is no reason to stay miserable in your life if you're angry all the time because you blame yourself for doing something you 'could have'. 

Therefore, as many of you many have guessed it, this chapter of my life I will stay private. As much as I love being a public writer and being as open with my life as I am, life happens in a way we don't plan it to. But, always have hope and faith. Never let those two go.

I've been bottled up too long and I encourage others to be open minded by the world and not just your world. There are priorities in your life that doesn't excuse your happiness.


Chia Stallings