My Brewery Tour Experience in Minneapolis, MN

Taken at Boom Island Brewing Company by our driver Kevin. Courtesy of Hoppy Trolley on Instagram.

It was an eventful night for my friend's 30th birthday. (Happy birthday Sarah!♡) I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new faces.

The birthday girl had made reservations with the Hoppy Trolley. Hoppy Trolley tours in the Twin Cities to local breweries in the North East Minneapolis area. We were given an hour time limit (approximately) at each brewery to enjoy and experience the local craft beers, as well as have fun. Plus, we all had one free drink ticket and a free pretzel roll from a local German bakery in Minneapolis. This was the perfect low-key get together party idea for her birthday and safe for all of us.

With three breweries on the birthday girl's list, we were ready to go on a brewery adventure!

First stop: Bauhaus Brew Lab

(612) 276-6911

Bauhaus Brew Lab was one of my favorite brewery out of the three. The atmosphere was inviting, loud and had a diverse young vibe. Our driver Kevin explained to us that this brewery used to be an old train station. From the outside appearance, it was recognizable by the large floor to ceiling doors and the cement and brick exterior. As we walked into the large building, the bar sat straight ahead with plenty of seating and a large outdoor patio. There are outdoor lights streaming across the outdoor cemented large patio, as well as old exposed graffiti on the walls of the building as if the building had been sitting there for months before Bauhaus took over. It gives it a vibrant and rustic look that I love. In the back outdoor patio,  My Burger food truck sits in the back serving their delicious food. The fries were a bit over salted but it had a nice crisp to it as it should. 

I ordered myself their Wagon Party, 16oz. beer and that was plenty for me until our next stop. It was very refreshing and tasteful. It had an alcohol content of 5.4%, which isn't too bad. If you like hoppy brewed beer, this one wasn't too hoppy. If you like a more hop to your beer, try the Star Grazer (5.0% alcohol content). We weren't able to find a table but there were benches that we found to sit and socialized until our hour was up.

There are party goers playing bean bag toss games in the back while enjoying their beer. This was a great place to people watch as well because there are a diverse group of people. There is a black metal fence separating an active railroad track in the back of the brewery. A train came by while we were there and honked his horn. (Cheers!)

Overall, it was a delightful experience. I would love to go back there again!

Second Stop: Boom Island Brewing 


(612) 227-9635

This brewery is an Belgium inspired craft beer is located in Minneapolis. It's a small quaint brewery located in between several commercial buildings secluded by the loud city life. The atmosphere setting leans towards the middle age or older group of people. Which was fine because everyone there were so friendly. 

The front patio was small with about two or three picnic tables and standing tables for your beer. There was a white tent beside the building serving local Southern Louisiana style soul food. I had their fried catfish and it was quite delicious (with some hot sauce) and it was only $2.00! As we walked into the brewery, it felt like we ventured back in the 30's (or 40's) with holograms of the old timers such as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and so on. They had a live local band playing as well for an upbeat atmosphere. (I apologize that I am not able to tell you what songs they were). 

To the right of the entrance is a small corner bar. Our driver Kevin was sweet enough to take pictures of us at each of our stops. Later, the owner of the brewery comes to greet us. Boy! What a sweetheart! He introduced us to a fabulous champagne-ale. Yes, you heard that right. If you like Pinot Noir, that's the perfect drink for you!  Later I had the courage to get a second beer, Hoodoo Dubbel (8.5% alcohol content). That was really good as well. It had a slight hop to it. At this time, I was feeling a little happy

About a half hour into it, they were holding a raffle of three prizes. All the money contributed for the raffle was to support the music for a piano school for kids in Minneapolis.

Unfortunately, no one in our group won but we had a great time talking, drinking, playing bean bag toss, and eating. 

We had such a fun time that we were running late to catch our Hoppy Trolley onto the next brewery.

This is definitely a place to check out again! 

Third Stop: Lakes & Legends Brewing Company


And onto the last stop of the night...

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company.


By this time, the our group had become a loud bunch of wannabe 21 year olds minus the obnoxiousness. You can tell some of them had a little too much but just enough to have fun as well. After all, we're all responsible successful young adults. XD

Drunkingly (not a word, but when your close to drunk, it doesn't matter) enough, this place was visibly quiet with very low traffic in a nice part of Minneapolis. By this time, it's about 8:30'ish and maybe I can see why because it was a bit too earlier for party goers to be out. 

The brewery is in a corner unit in a modern building connected to other local businesses with windows all across the entire floor room. It gives it a bigger atmosphere. This place attracts a younger crowd in the college age to mid-thirties.This place was one of the biggest brewery of the night. The bar was approximately 20 feet long with a long list of crafted beer to choose from.  The bartender was kind to have us try sips of different beers they carry. He recommended Dark Hart and wow, it was good. Even though the alcohol content on it was 10.1%, it was a perfect mixture of a spice and fruity flavored dark ale.  

After socializing inside, we decided to catch some fresh air and sit on their small patio which shares the sidewalk with patrons. By this time, I felt as if time had fast forward because the bus was already sitting waiting for us.

This is one place I'd like to go to before heading out to other breweries because I didn't feel like I enjoyed the time there long enough to know. 

Thank you for taking your time to read and experience the brewery tour with me and my friends. Surprisingly enough, I was able to remember the entire night, but if I forgot to mention anything that night, you'd know why. It was such a great experience that I will recommend Hoppy Trolley for large parties - girls/guys night out, bachelor/ette parties (just don't throw up in there, be nice to the driver Kevin)  or just to explore the booming 60+ breweries we have here in Minneapolis.

If you have any questions, please message me directly here or leave a comment below. FYI - I am not a beer expert so I will not be able to answer any brewery questions but I can certainly direct you to those who know! ♡