A Pen. A Journal.

That's all I needed to get started at age eleven to fall in love with writing. I enjoy to have the ability to be a free writer as well as developing stories. I also love to write about food, culture and family values, beauty lifestyle and events about my life and others. I'm currently working on a couple writing projects that I anticipate to be due in a few years.

*Stories not highlighted are unavailable due to it being an ongoing project.

I would like to thank you for your time and support in the efforts of reading my short drafted stories. 

Orphan Child of the Secret War - In the poverty-stricken country of Laos, a life story of a young man name Leng, of Hmong descent, takes us on a journey of his upbringing in his homeland. In this memoir, the life of family culture, spiritual beliefs, survival, hope and courage is expressed through the history of religion. Many men were called upon to be recruited into the Vietnam War by a general name General Vang Pao, to join the military to fight alongside the Americans against the North Vietnamese gurus - known as The Secret War. Many were oppose to the war but as the only son, Leng's father drove him out of the village to escape the catastrophic visions of the war. His solo journey through the jungles of Laos will take you through the struggle of hunger, overcoming triumphs of fear and his bravery to find freedom.

Hidden Conspiracy - Claire Bennett is stunned by her father’s tragic sudden death in her hometown Minnesota. Claire travels back home from college in Boston, Massachusetts as she plans her father's upcoming memorial service. When Claire realized that her father's body was not found - confused and overwhelmed with pressure - Claire attempts to investigate her own father’s death. The clues she will finds in her childhood home will impact her tremendously. Her father’s life unravels in pieces. Was he concealing a secret? Will she be ready to handle the truth?

Murder at the Firm - (Inspired by my company's Halloween event, I created a fiction thriller short story. Names have been changed.)

Escaping the Wild Hideaway - Check out a short draft here on my blog.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
— Benjamin Franklin

I am a proud supporter and member of The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, MN.