Brand Partnerships/Sponsorship

Thank you for considering working with Cherish with Chia! We are proud to say that our predominate female readers are the equivalent of strong, smart, independent and adventurous individuals who can relate to my love for traveling, motherhood, quality things and lifestyle blogging. They love to be updated about fashion, great deals, design, food, local businesses, beauty and great quality things. After creating the CC Girls United Series, women can find inspiration among other successful women to achieve their utmost best to someday achieve their own success story. 

I love working with great people in any industry, specifically beauty, PR companies and retailers. If your brand would like to collaborate/sponsorship with Cherish with Chia or send over products my way, email me here. I would love to hear your ideas! I'm a firm believer in building strong trusted business relationships that can be mutually benefited. 

I only accept the things that I truly believe in and that will reflect on behalf of Cherish with Chia.

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